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Types of Business Transitions

There are four common types of planned business transitions (the "do nothing plan" is not discussed here):

Transitions to Family Members -- which can occur by sale, by gift or a combination of both. Read more . . .

Transitions to Key Employees -- normally structured like a third party sale, but often with favorable price concessions and owner oversight. Read more . . .

Third Party Sales -- a sale to unrelated, outside purchasers where the owner is paid in full upon sale or where the owner actsas the bank for some or (rarely) all of the purchase price. Read more . . .

ESOPS -- a tax-favored sale to the employees of the business. Complicated, but in the right situation can act to maximize the value of the business. Read more . . .

For more information on each of these transition types, please click on the notepads to the right, or you can contact me directly by accessing the information on the left.

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